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Thank You 2014 Seniors

Though the pain of an SFC Semi-Final Playoff loss was difficult, the contribution of our 2014 senior class to the Calvary Football program is undeniable.  Prayers for additions to the ministry were answered in the form of 5 homeschool students, 3 transfers and a player returning from injury.  A senior class once numbering 8 became a class of 17.

Time will help those vested in Calvary Football realize the contribution these young men made to the program.  Much fruit resulted from your hard work and commitment over the past 6 months and beyond.  The lessons learned and the accomplishments achieved will strengthen and bless Calvary Football moving forward.  You may never know the extent of your impact for God’s glory until you hear “Well done good and faithful servant.”  But until then, I want to say “Thank You.”

Abu AJ Janvier Derr Devon Small DJ Fagot Gassner Godson Joseph Holm DenkerJosh Stephenson Martone and Fenton Moortgat Nguyen Sean Nelson Sherrod Swinton

Coach Hoza

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