…making disciples

“Cutting Teeth” 1 Cor 3:2

The experience of cutting teeth can range from barely noticeable… to uncomfortable… to downright painful.  The process is necessary however, if we are to consume the food needed to mature.  In 1 Cor 3:2 Paul tells the Corinthians, “I fed you milk, not solid food, because you were not yet able to receive it.”  Solid food is occupying a growing percentage of the Eagles’ diet these days.

The Calvary Football program continued to cut teeth over the past week during 2-a-day practices on the Ft. Lauderdale campus.  After intensive teaching during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s helmet only practices, the Eagles padded up beginning Thursday.  Saturday found a growing number of the Eagles maturing during a two hour scrimmage.  Those on the field demonstrated considerable resolve, braving the hottest conditions of the week. 

Application of the week’s learning was visible all over the field.  A number of young players demonstrated their growing maturity in the scrimmage.   Mark Elias, Trace Norkus, Brandon Bennett, Conner Cagle, Josh Derr, Tristan Peyton, Alexander Fifelski, Vas Furman, Parker Collins
and Jordan Cabral were among the freshmen making plays.  Sophomore class contributors included Jake Denker, David Salvatelli, Jordan Sampson, Spencer Saliba, Matt Nguyen, Eddie Holm and Wesley Skinner.  Freshman Nate Tchividjian was sidelined with an injury.

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