…making disciples

Encouragement… Oxygen for the soul.

Calvary Eagle football took a deep breath of encouragement this May.  The 45 players participating in spring drills united for a jamboree victory over North Broward Prep.  The coaches, training staff and video staff were treated to a glimpse of the future as individual and collective fruit emerged.

Worldly success is not the barometer by which Calvary football is measured.  Growing Godly men of character is the program objective.  But as this goal is reached, on-field excellence can be a wonderful by-product.  We are indebted to those who have entrusted young men to this ministry.  We hope you will join us in encouraging commitment and accountability over the next 8 weeks.  Nearly every player on the varsity and junior varsity squads has a goal to gain weight this summer.  Your assistance in helping discipline our football players to attend every workout, eat correctly and rest sufficiently is appreciated greatly.  Our efforts will be clearly visible on the scale.  

To the entire Calvary Christian Academy football family… breathe deep, and be encouraged…you deserve it!

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